Once again, from Max Lucado’s devotional, “Trust More, Fear Less”:

Picture the scene. Peter, John, James. They came back . . . daring to dream that the master had left them some word, some plan, some direction, they came back.

But little did they know their wildest dream wasn’t wild enough. Just as someone mumbles, “It’s no use,” they hear a noise. They hear a voice.

“Peace be with you.” Someone looked at the door. It was still locked. The one betrayed sought his betrayers. What did he say to them? Not “What a bunch of flops!” Not “I told you so.” No “Where-were-you-when-I-needed-you?” speeches. But simply one phrase, “Peace be with you.” The very thing they didn’t have was the very thing he offered: peace.

I love the picture that these words create. But the phrase that jumps out at me is “their wildest dream wasn’t wild enough.” I don’t know about anyone else, but I struggle with that all the time. I try to figure out how God is gonna handle a situation – like my limited, finite, human brain can figure out God! – and I’m never even close to the actual outcome. What I need most to learn is the ability to wait and let God act rather than advising him on how he should act.

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