It’s Feminine Friday again! (Hair is still in a towel, thus the headless picture!)Truthfully, it’s getting to the point that outfits including more “feminine” attire are becoming the norm for me. I include things like skorts and split skirts since hubby would NEVER wear either! My biggest challenge is the fact that I’ve had to get rid of a few tops that have just gotten old and worn out over the years. Have plenty of t-shirts but those don’t exactly work with most of my skirts! Working on building up the skirts and tops part of my wardrobe. I guess you could say I’m almost to the point where dressing like this is a lifestyle now. I’m committed to anything that helps enhance a behavior that is more appealing to hubby!

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  1. Very well said!! This whole experience has become a norm for me and has really made such a positive impact on my character. Hubs LOVES me looking like a lady and treats me as such even more so now.


  2. okay a question! do you dress more Fem for him all the time? to include Church? and what is both your opinions to looking sexy at church.? i am not talking about trampy sexy, just comfortable in your feminine ways and subtly, soft sexy! ??


  3. To ThinksFaster – The definition of that word "sexy" is the tricky part. My hubby thinks I have great legs. So wearing any skirt that comes above my ankles will classify as increasing my sex appeal to him. I obviously don't advocate in appropriate hemlines or necklines. But I certainly don't advocate wearing baggy clothes!


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