I’m a little ashamed of myself. On November 1st, I saw that a friend from my college years had started something she called 30 Days of Thankfulness. It’s apparently something she’s done for years and she decided to share it via Facebook this year. I decided to do the same thing. I even made it extra tough on myself by grouping my siblings, my parents, etc. I mean, I could have killed more than half of the 30 days if I had simply taken each sibling/in-law/parent/child/niece/nephew and given them each their own day! But I wanted to challenge myself. During the course of the month, I’ve been sick and stressed and I’m ashamed at how long it has taken me on some days to come up with something for which I was thankful. It really knocked me off the high horse I like to climb onto annually. From that lofty perch, I complain rather readily about how many people skip over Thanksgiving like it doesn’t matter. I preach against being thankful only one day a year when we should be grateful each day. Yet I’m fighting to find 30 things to be thankful for! This is not good!

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