My inconsistency at maintaining this blog is one of the many things I am seeking to change this year. No, it’s not a New Year’s Resolution. It’s something I’m seeking to take “One Day at a Time”.

The challenge for me is to find a “theme” or something to focus on so that the blogs don’t ramble! Two ideas keep chasing each other in my mind. Can’t really decide which one to focus on so I’m going to mention them both here. Again, this blog may not be read by many (or any) but I simply feel like the Holy Spirit is telling me to post it and let him worry about the why! But if any do read it and have an opinion, please share it!!

Idea number one – reasons to celebrate! We live in such a negative society or at least it seems that way. And I can fall into that critical, “everything sucks” way to easily. 2011 is only a few days old but God has consistently brought things to mind that were cause for celebration. True, the celebrations were small and some of them simply happened in a private moment but I’ve been pointed in the direction of focusing on those things that are “celebration-worthy”.

Idea number two – I’ve been chipping away at a study on the concept of prayer for awhile now. I’m not using anyone else’s work – no reading books or persuing commentaries. I’m simply going through scripture and writing down every verse that mentions any version of the word pray. I’m then going to go back over those verses look at the historical content, the original audience, etc. and try to glean applicable truth.

So. If you are reading the post and have a strong opinion, please share. Not able to make up my own mind on this one for some reason!!

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