I’ve been watching a very interesting chain of events unfold in my home. I’m not sure exactly what it means just yet but I’m having a great time watching it all happen.

It began the week between Christmas 2010 and New Year’s 2011. I made the statement that I really felt called to start working on Christmas gifts for the 2011 season. Actually, my statement was something along the lines of, “I feel challenged to see if I can do a ‘Mostly Home-made Christmas’ in 2011.” None of my family reacted which was fine because I felt clearly that I was called to do this and not impose my plans on anyone else. I finished up a cross-stitch project, found a couple that were finished but not yet framed that were perfect for particular people, and then went out to buy supplies for plastic canvas projects. Actually, it was just one project but I was making multiples. My oldest daughter and I were watching a movie together (or it might have been a TV show in DVD) and she asked if I would teach her how to do what I was doing. I showed her and she took off! As a matter of fact, she has completely taken over one particular piece of the project! Since then, my other kids have asked me to teach them how to do it as well. From there, they’ve all started planning their own “Mostly Homemade” projects for Christmas gifts. And the phrase “Mostly Homemade Christmas” is being used like it’s a formal event!

Not sure how this will play out but it’s fun!

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