I said in my introductory post that I would have to be careful about posting completed gifts until after the actual holiday was over simply because my extended family may (or may not!) drop by and I don’t really want to give away too much too soon!! But I just had to share this one “quirk” about me when I get on a crafting tear. I have this tendency to build a little nest – a place in the house that becomes my “craft zone”. This is usually on a seldom used piece of living room furniture – allows for watching tv and movies while I work – and my kids have learned by now not to move mom’s stuff without permission. This is the love seat in our basement and what you see is the supplies for one of the two gifts that my nieces and nephews will be getting from Aunt Moj!! Can’t wait to see them put together!! As these projects get finished up, something else will take over (probably some cross-stitch!) and the crafting will continue.
Youngest daughter finished her first project tonight. Not bad considering she just picked the supplies up a few days ago! Of course, with her project being done, that means she’ll be looking for the next project to get started!
What has been the most enjoyable thing of all is the fact that my girls and I are tending to “congregate” to work on crafts. We’ll all gather in the living room, watch tv, choose a movie – whichever suits our fancy – and just chat about whatever crosses our minds while our hands stay busy. Replace the electric lights with lanterns, the craft projects for sewing, mending or samplers, and trade our 21st century garb for handmade frontier era dresses and I’d feel like we were back in the days of Laura Ingalls Wilder!! As much as I love the craft projects and the chance to put some creativity and time into gifts for those I love, I love the chance to hang out with my girls even more!

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