So close!

I tried a couple of different ways of starting the assembly process with the totes. All eight handles have the ends attached at least, and three of them also have the bottoms on. My eldest daughter insists on finishing up the side pieces. She needed the blue yarn that I was using for all the other pieces and I’m waiting to hear from Hobby Lobby about some metallic cord I have a raincheck for. Once I get that, she can finish the sides then it’s a simple matter of assembly and I will have 8 gifts made for Christmas. I’m adding some store bought items to the gift (coloring book and crayons type items) and those I will pick up closer to Christmas. I’ll post a picture of complete one as soon as I can. This is one gift I can share because none of my sisters’ children read Aunt Moj’s blog!!!

That brings the gift total to –

3 cross-stitch items waiting for frames
8 gifts for niece/nephews and others
Not a bad start for January!!

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