Encouragement is the key!!

Projects like this are so much fun when you start them. Then, as you continue to work, you find your enthusiasm flagging. If you could just find someone to come along side and share the enthusiasm – and maybe some of the work! – it’s much easier to keep going.

I’ve already mentioned that my whole family has gotten on the MHC bandwagon – my kids are planning gifts for the extended family or helping with my projects or both, son is planning to do some wooburning projects to create unique gifts, and hubby is planning to make me a trestle table for my dining room as my Christmas gift (yay me!). That in and of itself was enough. Then my sister got bit by the “It’s-more-fun-to-do-it-myself” bug. Just spent some time on the phone with her chatting over our various planned projects, checking out websites together and generally getting each other all excited over this whole thing again!

It’s amazing how much more enthusiasitic I am when there are others around me ready to give me an “attagirl!”. It’s no fun to be creative alone!

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