Controlling the tongue!

Scripture is full of comments about our speech – what we should not say, what we should say, being ready to give an answer, controlling our tongue – I could spend hours simply quoting the verses that apply. But I’d rather share a life lesson.

I have learned that someone very dear to me really thrives on praise. If you are familiar at all with The Five Love Languages writings, this person shows possible signs of Words of Affirmation being one of his “native tongues”. It’s not his primary language, but it could very likely be a secondary language. The person in question is my hubby!

I learned this truth in a very simple way: I paid him a compliment in a public fashion. There was something I appreciated about him and I expressed that appreciation in such a way that others knew how I felt. Boy did I strike a chord!! I like to get an “attagirl” every so often. But my man positively glowed after my statement! He repeatedly told me how much it meant to him that I said what I did. And by repeatedly I mean half a dozen times in the course of about three hours.

Now the hard part: I need to keep looking for ways to offer GENUINE praise. Empty flattery is one of those things spoken against in scripture and I would NEVER knowingly hurt my husband by offering empty, meaningless, words as a substitute for sincere appreciation. But when I can make him feel overwhelmingly respected and loved by offering genuine appreciation and praise, why would I miss any opportunity to do so?!

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  1. Ugh…I just had written (twice) a comment that has vaporized before sending!Something like this…So sorry like is horrible right now. Seems so often that when we are down, things get worse. Even worse is when your husband isn't on your team or you aren't seeing eye to eye. That bums me out more than the life being a bummer bit.Do you like journaling? I recommend just spewing. Do you like movies? What about "Elizabethtown" LOVE the movie…you might too! Do you like escapes? What about Prague? Got room for you and lots of cool things to see as well as a HUGE garden to walk through 2 minutes from our house. Just sayin' that being vulnerable leaves you open to stomach punches. May God protect you from those. You are special!Love and prayers….Dora Becker


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