No Easy Answers

It would be nice if I could narrow my thoughts down to a few pithy phrases that could be expounded on and spread over several days.  That would make it so much easier to get something on this blog daily!  Truth is, what I’m walking through right now is not easily watered down into a few choice phrases that are cleverly worded, easily remembered, and oft-quoted. 

My last entry talked about the power of prayer – the ability to, whenever I choose, enter the very throne room of God and have his attention.  In that entry I mentioned that I was going to practice just “being” in the presence of God.  True to my statement, I’ve done just that.  Rather than allowing me to get a grip on the concept of being in God’s presence, it simply continues to overwhelm me.  The more time I spend just “being” the more aware I am of the honor I have been given and the more reverent my attitude when I come to pray.

So, there is nothing profound or new for me to say here.  I’m simply continuing to seek a better understanding of prayer – the power I have access to, the various mentions of prayer in scripture and the instructions or lessons contained therein; guess you could say I’m still “in the process.”  And I have a feeling this is not going to be quick!

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