The Home Stretch

I have had an absolute blast this year, handcrafting so many of the gifts I’m giving away!!  And it’s been almost more fun to watch hubby join in!! My two oldest girls were commenting that they both had filled the bookshelves they had and would each love a new set.  Yep, you guessed it.  Set number 1 is painted and just waiting to move into my oldest daughter’s bedroom.  Set number two will be ready by Christmas (or so I’ve heard!).

My own beautiful gift of trestle style dining table and matching chairs (six of them) is just one chair away from being done.  Not gonna lie – I love it!  

As for my own progress, I have one last caddy to finish up for the kids in my life and then those are done (all 8 of them!!).  There is just one cross-stitch gift that I will not be able to get done but there was already talk about a group gift for that particular person so they are still getting something!  And this just gives me a head start on next year!  

Did I just say that?!  Okay – confession time.  I’ve had so much fun putting my own personal touch on gifts this year that I intend to do much the same next year!  

May you and your have a wonderfully blessed holiday this weekend!

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