Unexpected Joy

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord.  “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Last summer was rough.  Unbelievably rough even!  I watched two full-time jobs slip through my fingers and faced – I thought – another school year of stress beyond what I was capable of handling.  What a difference a few months makes!

I left one of my part-time jobs just before Christmas.  Hubby and I discussed the situation multiple times and the stress wasn’t worth the income.  We took a bit of a leap and had nothing in place to replace that income; as small as it might have been, it still helped pay the bills!  Since that time, God has provided IN SPADES!!  I was offered the opportunity to play as the rehearsal accompanist and pit pianist for the musical production at the local community college.  I think college kids are a blast and I love musical theater – fantastic combination!!  As if that wasn’t enough, they are paying me to play!  I also had the chance to play for some soloists at a Cabaret performance connected to the college.  This turned out to be another source of unexpected income!  Then I found out that the accompanist for the choral program at the High School was leaving to further his own education and I was approached about the job.  It fit perfectly around the college classes I was teaching so I applied and got it!! When I talked to my Dean at the college (where I am an adjunct professor) she changed my schedule for next fall so that both the teaching and accompanying will work together!

Long story short – I’m still working multiple part-time jobs but I love ALL of them!!  It’s kind of a crazy schedule – especially the musical theater gigs – but I have an amazingly understanding family and I am blessed to get paid for doing something that has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember – playing the piano!

This is definitely not where I saw life going when my plans fell apart last summer.  But here I am, working rather extensively in the performing arts, and I’m honestly only responsible to “be in charge” with the college classes I teach.  In both the choral job and the rehearsal/pit accompanist job I’m simply there to assist the directors.  I don’t have to make any executive decisions, take notes regarding performances etc.  (That type of responsibility starts in May when the High School musical gets underway which I will be helping to direct again this year!).  I guess what I’m trying to say is there really isn’t much stress attached to most of my working hours.  I’ve been accompanying for 30 years and playing piano for 38 so it’s kind of like returning to my musical first love and getting paid to do it!

Do you get the idea that I’m having a REALLY good time?!  Cuz I am!!

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