Tonight was my first concert as the choral department accompanist at Fort Dodge Senior High. It was a privilege to work with friends and colleagues and their students!  It has become a tradition to announce the Spring musical – which I work with as well – at this concert each year.  This year we are doing a personal favorite:  Fiddler on the Roof!  I had the unbelievable chance to play Golde in college which was on my personal “bucket list” of roles I’d love to play.  To say I cherish those memories is an understatement!  

Since the announcement was made, I’ve spent chunks of time here and there thinking back to my college shows and those I shared the stage/backstage with. I had numerous chances to perform, student direct, music direct, and stage manage in college and it was really there that my love of theater had a chance to blossom.  

So as I look forward to revisiting a show that is a personal favorite of mine – this time as a director and not a performer – I am reminded of those college friends who left a little piece of themselves with me by sharing a show experience with me.  Or letting me share it with them!  Much of who I am as a performer/director was shaped by those experiences and I am forever grateful.  

If you are reading this and are someone I shared the college stage (or backstage) with, thank you. You are a part of a very important legacy in my life and I am eternally grateful for what I learned through working with you!

3 thoughts on “Reminiscing

  1. What a lovely post. 🙂 Thanks for causing me to reminisce. I can still imagine the warm wood of the Kind Lady set (real oak!), and see the paintings on the walls. Your stage management of that show was superb. 🙂 How meaningful for you to now be directing Fiddler, having created such a memorable role in it yourself!!


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