Humbled by Their Courage

I’ve watched some young people I care an awful lot about take steps to open conversations of a spiritual nature with their school mates.  They were simple actions – my 17 year old daughter making a point of writing something on the back of her hand with the intention of getting people to ask questions, my son answering a question about the Latin phrase “Ad majorem dei gloriam” (For the greater glory of God) that was on the hoodie he was wearing.  No, they didn’t jump up on a bench and start preaching.  They took one small step to start conversations of a spiritual nature in an effort to begin having an impact on their school.  They are being joined in these actions by the other members of the youth group who attended Dare 2 Share this past weekend. While I’m proud of their actions, I’m also humbled by the courage they display.

It can be very scary to share your faith; to talk about having a relationship with Jesus Christ.  I know I often lack the courage to speak up when the opportunity presents itself to say nothing of looking for ways to create opportunities.  So the question is, can I rise to the occasion and do at least as much as the teenagers in my church?  Can I be intentional in helping to create opportunities to share my faith?  It won’t be easy to step out and sometimes people may give me grief for what I believe.  But I certainly can’t encourage my kids to continue doing something that I’m not willing to do myself!

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