Family fun

Still working through some planning for Mostly Homemade Christmas 2012, I keep looking over the ideas on Pinterest.  Yes, I’m a Pinterest junkie.  I already admitted that in an early post! =)

Found an idea that I’ve already done and I was rather proud.  I am not a painter by ANY stretch of the imagination.  But I bought six large wine glasses at the dollar store and two bottles of Folk Art Enamel paint which is specially designed for painting on glass.  It was VERY easy to prep the painting surface and I made sure to get the special cleaner to get the paint out of the brushes!  Two of my girls asked if they could participate.  I was actually relieved!  I was pretty sure I would not be able to duplicate the pattern I had painted well enough for the glasses to be symmetrical.  So the three glasses that have been painted do not match.  Not even a little bit.  But they all three have the same paint colors on them so they are connected by color scheme if not by design!  

When I posted pictures on my Facebook, one of my sisters commented that she wanted a set for herself.   Hmmmm. . . .

These are the glasses my daughters and I painted.  The middle one was my design.  The one on the left is my youngest daughter’s handiwork and the one on the right came from my oldest daughter’s creativity!

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