What is an Intercessor?

As someone who has grown up in the church, there are certain terms you hear often enough that you assume you understand what they mean.  Or you at least know how to use them in context!  The phrase “intercessory prayer” is a good example.  I’ve used it and heard it used enough that I’ve felt that I had a handle on what it meant.  Lately, I’ve begun to wonder.  There has been an undeniable pull from the Spirit to get critically serious about interceding for a very specific group of young people from our church youth group.  

This conviction has also tugged at an “on-again-off-again” personal study I’ve been working on regarding prayer.  Rather than simply collecting generic thoughts/concepts/applications of prayer from my search of scripture this recent pull has given me some very specific direction.  

So join me as I journey through scripture and see what I can learn about interceding in prayer for others in a very specific, Spirit-driven way!

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