Saying "No"

Welcome to the newest idea from Bloggy Moms 2012 Blog Dare!

Mom’s can have a hard time saying no when people need our time.  Don’t get me wrong – we can say no without hesitation when it comes to protecting our kids from bad choices.  But when people ask for our time, we can sometimes feel obligated to say yes even if it’s not necessarily a volunteer activity that we would have sought out on our own!

We want to make sure our kids have the chance to participate in activities outside of school – sports, the arts, clubs and other organizations – and, as inconvenient as playing taxi mom can be, it’s important that we let our kids explore their skills.  Yes, we may need to limit the number of activities they are involved in so they don’t burn out (and we actually get to see other members of the family!) but there are things they can learn from working with other adults and their peers that they just can’t learn as well at home with “just” mom and dad and their siblings.

What about us personally?  We may feel obligated to say “yes” to being involved with all of the activities your kids are in – coaching, leading the scout troop, on the board for every booster group that exists – you get the idea!  Yes, I believe that parents should be involved in their kids activities because it lets them know we care.  

On a personal level, we mom’s can be pretty good at saying “no” to the hobbies we enjoy.  We assume that there will be time later or that the kids need us too much or . . . whatever!  The fact is, as our children get older they can learn to prepare a meal or help with housework and your husband can certainly be trusted to run the kids to their activities. And if we are honest, taking care of ourselves actually makes us better moms and wives.  

While it’s necessary to occasionally say “no” to avoid filling our schedules too full, mom’s need to learn to say “yes” to themselves every once in awhile!

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