This week, I will deliberately . . .

. . . take moment to just breathe and be in the moment.

. . . tell the most important man in my life just how much I respect the amazing person he is and how proud I am of him.

. . . reach out to those I love and tell them specifically and honestly why they matter so much to me.

. . . pause from the busy-ness of life and come up with at least ten things to be grateful for that are not food, home or health because those are easy to come up with.

. . . lose myself in listening to a favorite piece of music or album, letting the music be the focus of what I am doing and not background noise.

. . . look for an opportunity to reach out to a friend in need.

. . . do at least three “crafty” or creative things simply for the joy of expressing myself.

. . . spend at least an hour lost in a good book.

. . . find one good thing to rejoice in everyday.

. . . laugh often and loudly, not caring who might hear or think I’m weird.

. . . start learning a new piano piece (just because I can!).


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