Somewhere, Miles Away . . .

. . . my oldest child has found a job in a VERY large city and is making friends.  Oh, and there’s this boy she kind of seems to like too!

. . . my baby sister and my niece are both expecting baby number three (a boy for my sister, a little girl for my niece).  Both of them have lost pregnancies (a few each) so the fact that we are down to counting DAYS is so exciting!

. . . my other sister has been learning to deal with the diagnosis of Sensory Processing Disorder for one of her sons.  It’s fantastic to finally have answers and therapy in place, but this big sister wishes she could be there to in person to cheer family on, offer a shoulder to cry or an ear to vent to!

. . . my aunt continues her battle against cancer.  Keep fighting, Carol!

. . . former students of mine are getting engaged, getting married, and having babies.  And I hope they know how flattered this former teacher of theirs is that they bother to keep in touch even if it is just through  quick facebook chats now and then!

. . . friends are doing the “every day” stuff of life probably not as aware as they should be that I miss them terribly!

I could go on.  But I hope you get the idea.  Numerous people who are forever in my heart are many miles away from me.  I wish I could set down for coffee (or something stronger?!) with all of them and simply hear what is going on in their lives; the good, the bad, the ridiculous, the amazing and the ugly.  They left a piece of themselves with me when circumstances forced us to part ways and, because of them, “I have been changed for good.”

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