How Deliberate was I?

Just a week ago, I posted a blog about some deliberate choices I was going to make this past week.  Since I am a big believer in accountability, I decided to fess up to how I did.  Here is the list and the updates.

. . . take moment to just breathe and be in the moment.  Actually, managed to pull this one off twice.

. . . tell the most important man in my life just how much I respect the amazing person he is and how proud I am of him. Got down to the wire on this one but was able to spend some time on an abbreviated date with hubby last night and point out some very specific things he’s done that I respect.

. . . reach out to those I love and tell them specifically and honestly why they matter so much to me. Didn’t do as well here as I’d like.  Definitely told family members I loved them, but not quite everybody in my extended family nor with the specificity I had hoped.  Guess I need to work on this one this week!

. . . pause from the busy-ness of life and come up with at least ten things to be grateful for that are not food, home or health because those are easy to come up with.  Nailed it!  Of course, I had the mini-goal of at least two a day which would technically give me more than my ten but I made it!

. . . lose myself in listening to a favorite piece of music or album, letting the music be the focus of what I am doing and not background noise. Yes!!  Spent some time lost in two songs that touch my heart!

. . . look for an opportunity to reach out to a friend in need.  I’d like to say I did.  I mean, I definitely tried to reach out.  Just hope it translated to the other person!

. . . do at least three “crafty” or creative things simply for the joy of expressing myself.  New recipes – four of them just tonight – to say nothing of the new song lyrics I started working on!

. . . spend at least an hour lost in a good book. It wasn’t all at one time, but I did get in a total of more than and hour reading.

. . . find one good thing to rejoice in everyday.  Yep!  Of course, working with a great bunch of high school and college age kids on a theater show makes it easy.

. . . laugh often and loudly, not caring who might hear or think I’m weird.  Not as often as I would like, but managed to do it a few times.

. . . start learning a new piano piece (just because I can!).  Yep!  It’s no where near ready for others to hear it, but started.

So I guess I still have a few of my goals that can be worked on this week.  It’s good to have something to work for!

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