My work life – outside of the 24/7 job of being a wife and mom! – consists of multiple jobs that are part-time or seasonal or both:  teaching part-time at the local community college, serving as the choral department accompanist at Fort Dodge Senior High, working as the rehearsal accompanist for the spring musical at the community college, filling the role of theatrical director for the Senior High each Spring, . . . you get the idea!  The musical theater jobs are all seasonal but tend to follow one right after the other (I’ve had one month off since March of 2011!).  The down side to all this part-time/seasonal work is the fact that the paychecks don’t last over the summer!!

As crazy as that schedule may seem, trust me when I say that it all works out.  This is mostly due to the fact that the theater productions follow one after the other and don’t overlap.  I had applied for a job directing the Fall drama at the local high school but didn’t get it.  I wasn’t exactly overwhelmingly disappointed but the extra income would have been fantastic in helping the family finances to stretch through the summer.  

Then today happened.  Hubby came home from his office this afternoon with a message for me.  Apparently the Director of Graduate and Professional studies from Buena Vista University was trying to get in touch with me.  BVU rents space on the campus of Iowa Central Community College – where I already teach – so I was familiar with BVU and even recognized the name of the person who called.  But I was clueless as to why and even more confused by the fact that she called my hubby’s work number!

A return phone call solved all the mysteries.  BVU is in need of an instructor for their Instructional Technology class which my Master’s Degree qualifies me to teach.  She had gotten my name from on of the ICCC professor’s who also happens to know my hubby.  This prof does not have my personal contact information but knew where hubby was Pastor – thus the call to the church to get in touch with me!  I have the application paperwork to fill out, I have started the ball rolling to get all the official transcripts sent to the BVU offices and, if all the paperwork gets to the proper offices in time, August will find me teaching at two colleges.  The BVU class is intriguing because I can teach it as a hybrid – 50% face to face (which translates into one night a week) and 50% online.  The class only meets for 8 weeks so it will be busy for those eight weeks but I will be clear of the class by mid-October!  Granted, it’s a very part-time job but like I said earlier – the extra funds will make stretching into summer much more doable!  And if all goes well, this class is offered again in the Spring/Summer and I may be able to teach that class as well which would be fantastic!

Needless to say, I am of the opinion that sometimes the unexpected can be a very good thing!!

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