If you had a week to yourself, what would you do with the time?

Hmmm . . .

Sleep in until I was darned good and ready to get out of bed.

Revel in the fact that no one would ask me “What’s for dinner?” or “Can you run me to (insert random designation here)”

Read until I cannot see straight!  I have a list of books to read that is far too long!

Learn a new piano piece.  Or maybe even start writing a new song.

Sew.  Or cross-stitch. Or scrapbook.  Something crafty would happen!

Enjoy my favorite movies and popcorn.  Or tea.  Or coffee with flavored creamer.

Indulge in a bubble bath.

But let’s be honest – A whole week to myself?!  I might enjoy the first few hours.  Maybe even the first day.  But at some point, I would start missing my family terribly!  As nice as it is to daydream about a few moments to myself, I enjoy people far too much to spend an entire week alone.

So I promise not to run off and hide.  But that movie and cup of tea idea . . . hmmmm.

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