Pardon the Blatant Gushing!

We leave on Sunday for a 17 hour car ride to San Antonio, Texas, to visit family.  As much as I don’t necessarily enjoy long stretches in a vehicle, it’s worth the trip to see my baby sister and her family AND my oldest daughter who is living with them (and whom I have not seen since March!)

I have very simple priorities – to catch up with my sister and her husband (who will be starting his new teaching job this fall!), to meet my daughter’s co-workers, to hang out with Garrett and Elizabeth, my sister’s two oldest kids and last, but DEFINITELY not least, to meet the newest member of family – Harley Keith – who made his grand entrance on the 30th of July!

Every baby born is precious.  But this one brings some extra excitement because he comes into the family after my sister and her hubby endured a two year struggle with multiple miscarriages.  I consider it an honor that my sister confided in me about each and every pregnancy and loss – she didn’t want to burden the entire family with the pain and figured big sister was capable! – so it is a complete thrill to know that I will get to meet the little guy in just a matter of days!!

It’s sad that it takes something like a family member or close friend losing a pregnancy to remind you just how precious your own kids are.  But these last nine months of holding my breath, praying, checking in with sis, praying some more . . . it has definitely made me so thankful for the relatively hassle free pregnancies I had with all four of my children.

Hug your kids – either those biologically related to you or the honorary ones if you have them – and let them know how grateful you are to have them in your life.

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