The Passing of Time

Being on vacation visiting family has been one long experience of “When did I get this old?!”  Let me give a little bit of background – I’m the oldest of three and there is a pretty significant age difference between us.  I’m 6+ years older than the next sister in line and nine years older than the baby (we were actually ten years apart in school).  I may be unusual in my tendency to “freeze” people at a particular age or place in time.

We are on vacation, visiting my baby sister and her family in San Antonio, Texas.  She and her family just welcomed baby Harley, making them a family of five so we’ve enjoyed getting acquainted with him to say nothing of the chance to love on his older brother and sister.

But life is full of reminders as to just how much time has passed.

My oldest child will be 21 in just 6 days.  What?!

Hubby and I will celebrate our 24th anniversary in January. We’re only a little over one year away from our silver anniversary.  Am I really that old?!

One of the “must do” tasks on our vacation was getting the Senior pictures taken for child number 3.  My third child is going to be a Senior?!  When did I give permission for that to happen?!

My baby is 16.  No, I’m not okay with that!

My baby sister has three kids and just celebrated 9 years of marriage and her number two child will enter kindergarten. How is that possible when she was just born like a year ago?!

The older I get, the faster the time seems to fly.  So I will enjoy the newest members of the family, celebrate the big milestones, and realize that these big changes are how life is SUPPOSED to go!

Excuse me but I have little ones to go love on!

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