27 million.  That’s a HUGE number to try and wrap your brain around.  And it’s the estimated number of humans currently being trafficked in the world today.  Some of them right here in America.

I never dreamed that in my lifetime there would be a need for a new movement of abolitionists to stand up and say “No more!!” But that is exactly the situation in which we find ourselves today.

So what can I do?  What can you do?  You can start getting involved, educate yourself, and take action.

The video above was created by the A21 Campaign in an effort to bring awareness to a grave issue and as an attempt to get people involved.  They have some very practical ways (21 to be exact) for you to get involved and begin to make a difference.

Can you send some personal hygiene items to a woman who has been rescued from slavery?  Can you write a blog, paint a picture, create a youtube video, write a song then share your work with your friends and tell them what “inspired” you?  Can you educate yourself?  Can you write a letter to a woman who is making her way out of slavery to let her know that there are people who care?  If you can, then you can be a modern day abolitionist.

This is an issue that has become very near and dear to my heart.  It began when I met a woman a woman several years ago now who had escaped slavery in California.  Yes, California.  She was an enslaved domestic.  She was such a dear woman and I have been slowly but surely educating myself since hearing her story.

A21 is just one organization trying to fight the darkness.  Stay tuned for information on other groups that have heard the call to rise up and fight slavery in our world.  Can we count on you?

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