Just a Note

It doesn’t look all that intimidating, does it?  It’s a blank note cared, approximately 3″ x 5″ when closed.  I bought a set of 10 (with envelopes), took the first one out of the package and . . . froze.

It’s just a note card.  How hard could it be to write a quick note?  I mean, I maintain three different blogs!!  It’s not like writing scares me.

But this note had to be written just right.  You see, this note is being sent to the A21 Campaign offices in Greece.  The note will be passed on to a young woman who has been rescued from sexual slavery.  See why it was scary?!

How do I encourage a woman who has been enslaved, degraded, belittled and likely even abused?  What could I POSSIBLY have to say that would build her up and begin to restore her sense of self-worth and personal dignity? I certainly can’t say anything like, “I know what you’re going through” because I don’t have a clue!

Lucky for me the  A21 website has some great tips.  So I jotted a few lines, stuck it in the envelope, and prayed for a woman I will never know who needs to know that she has worth.  I will likely never know who it is that gets the card I’m sending.  And I don’t need to know.  It’s not about my gratification or feeling that I’ve done something good.  It’s about providing one small piece of encouragement to a woman who needs to know that someone cares.

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