Thought I’d let my hubby’s wise words do the job for me today!


During this time of year, the phrase, “War on Christmas,” is often used.  Those who use this phrase cite instances in which local governments do not allow nativity scenes to be erected on public property.  One such example this year was in Santa Monica, CA.  (Here is the link to the story:,0,2538664.story)

This decision was made to head off clashes between “atheists and Christian organizations, as well as legal disputes that could become costly to taxpayers.”  The decision that was made did not bar religious displays specifically; it barred “private, unattended displays in the park.”  Those behind the Nativity display took this as an attack on their rights and part of the “war on Christmas.”  

It is neither.  Because of the impending clashes between these groups, the city government took steps to maintain the peace.  The only way to properly do this was to bar unattended displays of any…

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