Perspective is a Beautiful Thing

I’ve been throwing a bit of a pity party lately. Due to the annual Christmas Eve service at church, and our plan to spend Christmas with my sister’s family in Texas, I will wake up without my husband on Christmas morning. He has to stay home and do the service and will fly in to Texas on Christmas Day. I’m not thrilled with the circumstances. I’m aware that I’ve been pouting¬† and I’ve been praying for an atttude check.

Then I read a statement on Facebook that reminded me how minor my frustration really is – a friend of mine wished a Merry Christmas to the families of military personnel serving overseas. He expressed gratitude for their sacrifice and wished the families left behind a blessed Christmas. No, my hubby will not be there when we open gifts in the morning but he will be there later and that is better than not having him there at all! Perspective is a beautiful thing.

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