Let Them Know

Without airing too much personal “stuff” on the web, I have recently – very recently – been reminded of the need for investing in people that are placed in your life if you want them to stay in your life.

Relationships take work.  I know, that’s not a revolutionary new thought.  But it seems to be something that people forget.  Biology or in-law status is only a small piece of what makes people family. Beyond that, there must be communication, conversation, investment and an effort.

I am so grateful and blessed that my two sisters and their husbands make an effort to know my family, to be invested in my life and the lives of my children and are crazy enough to travel 17 hours for a child’s graduation!  Added to that, there are other people who have no obligation to care about my family at all but they do. They took the time to get to know me and my kids, they love on us like family and they do not allow matters of distance to get in the way of the relationship.

For all of you who have loved on my family thank you.  I am so grateful for the “honorary” family members I have been blessed with over the course of my life!


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