Thoughts From Another Writer

I’m sure I’ve violated some blogging protocol by blogging twice in one day but I couldn’t let this one go!

I have been using a book by Brennan Manning as a part of my daily quiet time.  It is entitled “Dear Abba: Morning and Evening Prayer” and I HIGHLY recommend it!!  The readings are short and simple and include a scripture reference, Brennan Manning’s thoughts on the scripture and then a crafted prayer.

I went into the book with some skepticism since I am not usually a fan of “pre-written” prayers; I tend to find that they are a little impersonal, devoid of any genuine heart.  I gave the book a chance because the last Brennan Manning book I read was a life-changing, paradigm shifting experience.

This is the crafted prayer from tonight and it hit me so powerfully that I’ve re-read it at least three times already.  In light of my earlier post about introspection, it seemed appropriate to share it with you so here it is –

Dear Abba –

To spiritually photoshop, or not to spiritually photoshop:  that is a recurring question.  I’ve gotten pretty good at cropping and resizing to keep an impressive facade, but the emptiness behind it is the telling thing, telling me that something about the life I’m living is off the tracks.  I’m not the biggest fan of mirrors but I realize they do serve a purpose:  showing me the reality, the real me.  I’m a ragamuffin, always have been, and yet You love me, the real me.  Amazing

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