Nothing to Win

I’m stubborn.  No surprise there to those that know me.  And I am more than willing to argue the absolute dumbest things to death.  In my house, this has become known as a “light bulb” moment.  That name came from one of my kids who was courageous enough to point out the stupidity of a verbal battle hubby and I were engaged in.

But I’ve taken a good long – and not necessarily pleasant – look at some habits I need to change.  I will tell you that you need to pick your battles because only some are worth fighting.  My behavior tells a very different story.

My most common opponent is, unfortunately, my hubby.  But I’m learning a lesson – slowly, but I’m learning it!!  I don’t win ANYTHING when I compete with him over stupid things.  As a matter of fact, I lose.  I lose big.  

I lose closeness, peace of mind, happiness, time I could be spending enjoying him . . .  you get the idea.

So I’m turning in my uniform.  Quitting whatever team it was that I am on.  I will take a deep breath, think about whether or not I really want to fight over whatever particular issue we are facing and choose to work towards a solution WITHOUT trying to win anything.

It’s simple – the minute I start the battle, I’ve already lost. 

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