Afraid of . . . what?

I owe a great big thank you to Nina Roesner of “The Respect Dare” (check her blog out here!) for inspiring what is probably THE BEST heart to heart conversation I have ever had with my hubby.  This conversation was mentally and emotionally intimate and we reached new levels of understanding.  They may have been levels of understanding we should have reached before but we’re there now!!

The inspiration for this conversation came from a post about femininity that Nina posted a few days ago – click here to read it – in which she dared wives to ask their husbands what the men thought it meant to be feminine.  More specifically, what appealing qualities did their wives have that the men considered feminine.

Hubby and I chatted for close to two hours, starting with that particular subject and then progressing from there to other relationship related topics.

We ended up in a very interesting area – fear.

I know – not exactly where I expected to end up!  Much of our conversation centered around the way I approach him when I need to speak to him.  I know he prefers that I be direct and succinct.  Unfortunately, I often allow “direct and succinct” to come with an edge, almost like I’m challenging him.  That brings out an edge in him that causes him to see me as a competitor rather than as his partner.

NOTE – I AM NOT SAYING I CAUSE HIS BEHAVIOR.  But I can have an impact on how he interacts with me.  And vise versa.

So if I know this – and it’s not the first time we’ve had this conversation – then why do I fail to approach him gently?  And he knows whether I am coming gently or not because he says can see it in my face – specifically my eyes.

But seriously – if I know how to make requests/enter conversation with him in a way that will avoid conflict, why don’t I approach him that way EVERY TIME?!?!   This is a concept that I introduced into the conversation and kind of “talked it through” with hubby.  It boils down to this – I’m afraid.

Direct and succinct with a little bit of force will convey that I’m serious, that what I want from him is important to me and should be taken seriously, right?  Nothing wrong with asserting myself!  But the truth is, I’m afraid.  I’m afraid that, if I approach him gently, I will not be taken seriously.  I fear that he will minimize my desires/my needs and that I will end up feeling discarded.  Ignored.

That’s crazy.  I know it is.  I’ve seen the proof that he WON’T treat me that way.  The most recent event was today.

I have a bone spur in my right shoulder that needs to come out.  Due to a screaming fear of the MRI (I’m more than a little bit claustrophobic) and a busy schedule playing piano for numerous performances/organizations, I have put the surgery off.  The pain is running pretty high today – it’s humid so my arthritis is flaring and the bone spur is letting me know that it is still very much there – and hubby had to leave to move daughter number 2 into the dorm at UNI (go Panthers!!).  I looked at him about 15 minutes before he was due to leave, reminded myself to be gentle, and said very simply, “I’m not trying to be lazy and don’t want to ask too much, but would it be possible for you to empty the dishwasher before you leave?”

He looked at me and said, “Your shoulder?”


“Been pretty bad lately, huh?”

“Nausea inducing.”

“Anything to help, baby.” Kiss and smile and he was out the door.

As if that wasn’t enough, he spoke to my youngest daughter (child #3 who moves into HER dorm at Luther – Go Norse! – at the end of the month!) and said, “I need you to help your mom out by loading the dishwasher.  Her shoulder is really bad right now.”  I made one simple request of him – made it GENTLY – and he sought to not only meet the request but exceed it!

What was I so afraid of again?

4 thoughts on “Afraid of . . . what?

  1. Nina Roesner says:

    Stellar. Congrats. Can’t take credit (nor do I want the responsibility) – God was in control of the blog… still is… and so Praises to our Father Who guides us all. 🙂 So thankful for what He did!


    • moj8668 says:

      Nina, God is in control of the blog but you are willing to be used to put it out there. Thank you for being a servant and having to courage to put these dares out there!


  2. Lisa says:

    Thank you, MaryJo. You are helping others like me very much by sharing a piece of your heart, life, etc. Your Sister Growing in Christ, Lisa 🙂


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