Just at the Right Time


Circumstances right now are challenging.  Most of life is clipping along quite nicely.  Just a job situation I wish . . . well. . . I wish it wasn’t.  Feeling a little down this morning when I got up, knowing I had to deal with the unpleasantness.  Checked Facebook before I went to work and there it was.

Psst. You’re phenomenal.

Just three words.  From a friend I’ve known since I was in Junior High!  (She’s younger than me so I’m not giving away her age!)  But in the face of some challenges I would rather not be facing, it was just what I needed.  This friend and I met when I went to a music camp where her dad was working.  That music camp eventually ended and some of the staff went to work at a summer music camp on a college campus.  I got information about that camp and, while I didn’t go to the camp, I DID end up attending the college where the camp was held.  My friend did to.  We actually got to hang out as college students together for a bit!

She had no way of knowing.  I have talked about the stress I’m dealing with on Facebook but kept much of the “meatier” details to myself.  And I hadn’t said much about the current “slump”, preferring instead to spend my online “social networking” time talking about the good things!  She couldn’t have known that I needed – DESPERATELY needed – to know today that someone believed in me; that there was someone out there who knew things about me that some of my crankier co-workers will never know and that this particular someone thought that all the parts of me together made for a pretty okay person.

The lesson?  When you have the impulse/urge/random idea to speak something positive into someone’s life – even if it’s only three quick words – DO IT!!  Your words may be just what they need at that moment.

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