#thankshubs Challenge Day 1: Job/Career

I like changing things up every so often just to keep things fresh.  I’ve done the whole “days of thankfulness” thing during November for the last couple of years.  I’m on the last quarter of the “100 Happy Days” challenge and was wondering if I wanted to have my thankfulness “thing” and the end of the “happy days” thing overlap.  I was leaning toward no (mostly because my November “thankful days” posts were starting to sound pretty much the same from one year to the next!

Then I read about Leah Heffner ‘s #thankshubs challenge. (Leah is fellow blogger I have become acquainted with thanks to an online group for wives – check her out at http://www.leahheffner.com).  Spending one entire month being thankful for my husband.  I mean, I know I SHOULD be thankful for him every day and I know I SHOULD tell him often how much I appreciate him.  But let’s get real, shall we?!  As much as we all may cherish our loved ones, how many of us REALLY tell them as often as we should or could?!  The really nice thing about this challenge is that she offers a suggestion for each day.  You can ignore the suggestion completely if you wish but if you are looking for inspiration or an idea, she’s got you covered!

Isaiah 52:7 says –

How lovely on the mountains are the feet of him who bring good news, who announce peace and bring good news of happiness, who announces salvation, and says to Zion, “Your God reigns”.

Now, I’m not saying my hubby has cute feet.  But I am so grateful for the way he sacrifices constantly to meet the needs of the congregation that calls him “Pastor.”  He is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, has to work EVERY Christmas Eve, does NOT get to consider Sunday a day of rest and is expected to show genuine concern for every bump, bruise, broken heart and frustrated soul.  And my man does it all with such authenticity that I am amazed by him.

I spent many of my years as a Pastor’s kid and hubby has been in some sort of ministry position since for close to 20 of the 26 years we’ve been married.  And let me tell you, being married to a Pastor is weird.  It’s the only job I can think of where I am EXPECTED to be at his work at least once a week.  His job places weird demands on the family – that Christmas Eve thing?  All of my extended family is 18 or 19 hours away which makes it interesting to try and get together for Christmas – and date night can be challenging.  I mean, he wants to be kind if we run into someone from the church.  Me?  I want to be a little selfish – “Hi, we’re on a date, see you Sunday.”  I know, not very gracious.

But he amazes me.  He never asks hurried or frazzled when one of them wants his time and attention.  He remembers all the details – birthdays, grandkids names, etc. – and genuinely enjoys getting up every Sunday to preach.  To my shame, there are times I’m so distracted by the inconveniences or weirdness of his job that I fail to see how he is thriving!  I love hearing him preach, I love working in the music ministry under his authority, and I LOVE watching him with the members of his congregation.  Even the most cantankerous grump cannot shake his genuine desire to be doing what he does.  And I am so thankful for that steadfastness.

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