#thankshubs Day 3: Spirit of Adventure

Those that know me would be surprised to hear me say that I am actually terrified to meet new people.  The apparent “social butterfly” behavior is a learned response from a childhood spent moving around a lot.  I learned that I had to make friends and quickly!

Hubby, on the other hand, has NEVER met a stranger.  I get extremely nervous even in groups of people I am acquainted with unless there are one or two individuals I am very close to.  Their presence makes me feel much more at ease.

I know that talking to strangers seems like a rather small thing to be referred to as an “adventure.” But trust me.  This man will find a ball cap, tattoo, t-shirt, . . . whatever! . . . that strikes a cord with him and start a conversation.  Restaurants, shopping malls, Target, doesn’t matter.  He will walk up to a complete stranger and strike up a conversation.  I’m in awe of that skill.  And, truth be told, a little envious!

Of course, this skill serves him well in his role as pastor since his job frequently puts him in contact with new people.  It’s a skill I should probably get better at.  For now, I’ll simply watch him do his thing and stand amazed at how easy he makes it look!


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