#thankshubs Day 4: Dreamer

I’m not going to lie – this one was a challenge!  Anyone who knows the both of us would tell you that, of the two of us, I am the dreamer and hubby is the practical realist.  And they would be right. Mostly.  But I know a secret.

Hubby is a pastor.  No, that’s not the secret.  The church where he is currently serving is small.  The building we meet in is HUGE but the number of people gathering for worship on a Sunday is small.  Some pastors – and maybe even some church members – would look at that and say, “Oh well, it is what it is.”

But not my hubby.  He looks at our building and the size of our congregation and refuses to just maintain status quo.  Whether it is looking at ways to use our building that are VERY different or seeking the leading of the Spirit regarding ways to breathe new life and bring new ideas into our worship gatherings, he never settles.

In our building, we have a small chapel on the other side of the building from the sanctuary that just does not see much use.  A local Presbyterian congregation – which also happens to be a Spanish speaking congregation! – was in need of a place to meet.  For the last few months, Life and Hope church has been renting office space and the chapel from us.  We are learning to share the nursery space, they use the kitchen for meals every so often . . . you get the idea.  And there is something VERY cool about knowing that there are two congregations holding services, each in a different language, under the same roof!  Definitely not the traditional way to do things, but my hubby looked at an empty space and saw the possibilities!

Crisis Intervention Service – a local organization that works with women who are leaving abusive relationships – needed space to meet with and counsel their clients.  The upper floor of our building was going mostly unused.  But CIS is now renting three rooms on that upper floor to help these women in crisis.  There are no words to describe how proud I am that hubby heard about this need and stepped out to meet it.  Going after grant money that would allow us to help drive early head start families to monthly get-togethers, seeking to bring new ideas to the music ministry, incorporating other artistic expressions (like drama) into the Sunday morning gatherings . . . all things that hubby has been dreaming about out loud.  And the best part is he doesn’t just dream.  He takes action.

Many people would look at the size of our congregation – and the resulting challenges – and feel defeated.  Not my hubby.  He looks at the people and resource and begins to dream about what could be.  Instead of feeling discouraged by the challenges, he has the faith to believe that God can do something new for the kingdom!

See, I am doing a new thing!
    Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the wilderness
    and streams in the wasteland.

Isaiah 43:19

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