The Rest of You

Just recently started reading “The Furious Longing of God” by  Brennan Manning.  Each chapter ends with two “Consider This” questions and I use them as journal prompts.  The questions are always profound and get me thinking about concepts I’ve never addressed on my own.  Just finished chapter 2, and one of the questions seemed worth sharing:

“There is the “you” that people see and then there is the “rest of you.”  Take some time and craft a picture of the “rest of you.” This could be a drawing, in words, even a song.  Just remember that the chances are good it will be full of paradox and contradictions.”

So there ya’ go.  I won’t be sharing my answer.  Partially because it was lengthy but mostly because it was REALLY honest and there are some things that are just not meant to be shared with others.  At least not right now.

Whatever you do, be honest with yourself.

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