I’m a 46 year old woman who needs to make some changes to live a healthier lifestyle.

Challenges – lots of weight to lose (could easily drop 100 lbs and not look emaciated) and achy joints as a result of the weight I’m carrying.

Choices – in January 2015 I cut out all caffeinated soda (still indulge in the occasional Sprite or iced tea) and I’ve been paying more attention to portion sizes.

I can’t do any really vigorous exercises right now cuz my body just can’t take it till I shed some weight, learn better hydration, etc.  And cutting out the soda had absolutely zero impact on my weight.  Didn’t lose an ounce.

The good news is the weight thing plateaued – wasn’t losing, but I wasn’t gaining.  But I still felt like there was something missing.  Like I said, I’m in my mid/late 40’s so I also started investigating vitamin/nutrition supplement options.  I wasn’t looking for a “magic pill” or quick fix.

Enter Thrive.  I spent about three months investigating nutritional supplements like Thrive, Advocare, and Plexus.  What I liked about Thrive was the fact that it is not promoted as primarily a weight loss product.  Weight loss is one of the possible “side effects” of using the product.  But the products themselves include vitamins – several B’s as a matter of fact – and other nutrients as well as things like probiotics, antioxidants, folic acid . . . you get the idea.

So a little over a week ago, I took the plunge.  I know what some of you are thinking – “there is no quick fix to weight loss”.  You are absolutely right and I’m not looking for one.  On Thrive, my energy level is better, I’m sleeping better, my brain stays clear through the afternoon – no more mid-afternoon fog or slump.  Yes, my clothes are fitting better.  But I have no delusions – I need to keep finding ways to “get up and move” and I need to keep making smart food choices.

But I am feeling healthier, no doubt.  And I’ve had a few people that know me well tell me that they are starting to see a difference.

The picture on the left is Monday night, August 24th, the night before I started Thrive, and the one on the right is Tuesday, Sept. 1st, mid-afternoon.


For those of you worried that I might be trying to find a shortcut, I’m not.  I’ve started walking more and will continue to look for ways to make healthier choices in my eating and lifestyle.  Thrive is just one tool in my healthier living arsenal and it’s providing an extra touch of energy and mental clarity to make all the other stuff possible!

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