Reading Challenges, Healthy Changes and More

I’m still actively working on the Reading Challenge for 2016.  I have 18 books completed.  Some were old favorites I knew I would love, others have become new favorites – The Martian and Saturn Run come to mind – and some . . .  Let’s just say I tried a new genre and leave it at that!  Currently working on the “A book and it’s prequel” – The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe and The Magician’s Nephew.

Today started week four of the Cize workout.  First day of the week = new workout video.  I am SO glad I’m doing these in my own home where no one else can see my lack of coordination early in the week!  As of yesterday, I was down 4 1/2 pounds and a total of about 13 inches from various critical places.  The food choices have been much healthier, the water consumption is at healthy levels and – as a consequence – much of the junk food craving has vanished.

The school year is winding up which means that preparations are already underway for next school year.  

I’m really starting to find joy in my strengths.   I might even dare to say that I’m starting to like myself.  And I’ve learned that this is a crucial step for continuing to work on my weaknesses.  After all, we don’t invest time and energy in those we don’t like.  

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