Big Changes and New Phases

Mention that you are newly an empty-nester and the reactions vary –

“Lucky you!  Nothing but peace and quiet.”

“Now your life can be all about you!”

“Ooooh.  That’s tough.”

“I can’t wait!”

“I’m not looking forward to that.”

“So what big plans do you and hubby have now that you are footloose and fancy-free?”

And from those who REALLY know me –

“How ya’ holding up, sweetie?  The quiet driving you completely nuts yet?”

A few details about me for those who don’t already know –

  • I LOATHE long stretches of peace and quiet.  I enjoy a quiet moment as much as the next person.  But only a moment.  Maybe two.
  • If I EVER wanted life to be “all about me” I would never have had kids at all.
  • Hubby loves the “peace and quiet” that have descended on our home.  I don’t see any “big plans” in our future!

A friend asked me a great question – “What exactly are you missing with your kiddos gone?”

  • Unexpected moments of goofiness (ask any of my kids about “Black Duck Down” or what it would be like to do the play-by-play if the Zombie Apocalypse were televised like a sporting event).
  • Random sing-alongs – a REGULAR occurrence.
  • Singing along to animated movies.
  • Kids with games, shows, concerts to go to – who DOESN’T like watching their kids shine?!
  • The noise
  • The hugs from my youngest EVERY DAY in school

Being a mom was one of the best choices I ever made.  I was lucky enough to give birth to four funny, talented, hard-working kids who continue to make me proud that I am their mom.

I’m absolutely proud of them for doing the adult thing and moving out – it’s what is supposed to happen!  But I miss them.  And I won’t apologize for that.

I’ll be okay.  I’m already seeing a couple of positives that I couldn’t have experienced if they were all still at home –

  • Randomly running into two of my kiddos and “their men” at Target and finding out that the four of them were spending the day together.  My adult children, hanging out as friends.
  • Becoming a grandma.  The love that I have for that little princess . . . no words.

So I’m going to take some time to figure out what “normal” looks like and how to combat waaaaaaaaay to much silence.  But I’ll eventually figure out what this new phase is supposed to look like.

And you better believe I’m gonna put my own spin on it!

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