Pick a Reason

Maybe it’s the Sophomore dance captain who showed fantastic leadership skills as she helped a cast member get caught up after missing a dance rehearsal.  With patience and encouragement, she taught and clarified dance steps and helped to polish a fellow performers work.

Maybe it’s the principal characters who are devoted to crafting characters that are multi-dimensional, true to the story, and engaging.  Their creative ideas enrich the performance, their hard work makes the accents sound just a bit more polished each time they speak, and they bring chills or make me laugh often.

Maybe it’s the AMAZING sound of the cast as they work through a vocal rehearsal.

Maybe it’s a dance line that works like they’ve been performing together for years, making sure things like hand placement and toe point match!

I could go on for pages.  And I would still be barely scratching the surface.  They wear me out, make me laugh, take my breath away, give me all sorts of reasons to keep layering in new ideas, and keep me feeling young.

As I type this, I’m COMPLETELY exhausted.  It was a very busy week which ended today with a seven-hour day working on the “big numbers” – trying to make up the time lost to snow day cancellations – and my back and legs are so sore that I can hardly move.  But I cannot imagine a better way to end my week.

They wear me out, their energy can be a bit much to handle, and the schedule I run each Spring is nothing short of crazy.  But I love every minute spent learning from, growing with, and directing “my” theater kids!

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