From My Bookshelf – “Refugees” by R. A. Denny

(Since I wrote this review, this book has been “re-published” as “The Emperor’s Harvest”.)

An evil emperor, a prophecy that reads more like a riddle, and three young people from different cultures who have a destiny to fulfill.

If you enjoyed Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy or Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia series, then you need to add Denny’s Mud, Rocks, and Trees series to your reading list. The characters are really well-developed and the plot develops carefully, feeding the reader just enough detail to keep the pages turning but without giving away too much too soon.

The story frequently changes location since three of the major characters come from completely different places. The author handles this with beautiful simplicity by placing a name under the chapter heading so you know exactly where you are. That way, there is no need to decipher location since you know where each character is.

Can’t wait to read the sequel!

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