From My Bookshelf – Be Careful What You Joust For

While much of the book contained what one might expect from this particular genre, there were pleasant surprises throughout my reading.

The head of the Hornbolt Family, Duke Garrion Hornbolt, is a devout man of faith. So often in novels such as this, the nobility is at odds with matters of faith, often seeing the church as a threat to their power. Not so, Duke Garrion. Had circumstances in his childhood been different, he would have been able to pursue his dream of becoming a priest. But the death of his oldest brother and the traditions of his people changed all that.

Isolda, Garrion’s wife, is not a typical damsel in distress by any means! With secret business ventures of her own – and a secret identity to go along with it! – she is portrayed as a strong woman who can still be plagued by fear and doubt. In other words, she comes across as very real!

The children of House Hornbolt – Marcus, Oriana, Selina, Terric, and Nesta – are all unique crafted and the relationships between the siblings are unique (and consistently portrayed throughout the story, I might add.) Oriana and Terric get the most attention from the authors with their respective stories focusing on Oriana’s prospects for a husband and Terric’s desire to avoid the priesthood at all costs. In the end, it is Terric’s assumptions that put the lives of his entire family at risk.

A significant twist in the plot and horribly wrong assumptions leave the reader eager for the second book as soon as the first is finished. I have truly found a new “must-read” in the Pentavia series!

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