From My Bookshelf – “Behold the Harvest Moon”

Intriguing. That’s the only word to describe this book.

It starts quickly – intrigued by a sign that says “Old Things and New Adventures”, young Brenden Badt ventures into an unusual store. As he moves through the space, almost always in what seems to be a straight line, his surroundings change. And it isn’t long before young Brenden finds himself on the adventure of a lifetime, called from our world into another for a greater purpose.

There is little dialogue in the book. Usually, that would bug me. But the author does a fantastic job of telling the story through Brenden’s thoughts and experiences. Without ever meeting Brenden’s dad, I know he is a heartbroken man after the death of his wife. And I know that, in the midst of their grief, Brenden and his dad love each other and are trying to move through the sorrow for themselves and for one another.

You watch Brenden grow, learn, accept strange surroundings, begin to believe in himself with more conviction than he’s ever possessed before . . . this one captivated me and I am so looking forward to reading the sequel!

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