From My Bookshelf – #indiecember

This one isn’t a book review.  It’s a fun idea that I stumbled onto while cruising Twitter and I just had to share!

Megan Tennant, an independent author herself, has created a month-long reading challenge that she calls Indiecember – you can read all about it on her website HERE.  If you are a social media user, you can also find information by searching #indiecember.  The idea is simple – you read books written by independent, self-published authors and try to earn a bingo on Megan’s cleverly designed Bingo board.

I LOVE this idea!  Thanks to the abundance of computer technology available to the general public, authors no longer have to wait to catch the eye of a big name publisher.  Self-publishing is a viable option for those writers who are eager to share their work with the public.  (And from what I hear, self-publishing ensures that you don’t have to edit your original story to please the publisher – you can leave as you always intended it to be!).

So who’s in?!  I started my first book on Sunday – Prophecy of Three: Book One of the Starseed Trilogy by Ashley McLeo (check her work out HERE) – and I’m nearly done with it.  It’s THAT good!

Grab the bingo board from Megan’s website, find a new possibly-favorite author and get reading!

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