Acting Up! – 9/19/19

Today’s post is going to be a bit . . . random. Couple of things to share that don’t really relate but also don’t necessarily need their own posts!

I’m a bit of a theater nut and I’m just goofy enough that I have occasionally been known to have shows overlap. This summer was no exception. I was in “The Big Meal” which was onstage in July which was followed immediately by “The Movie Game” in August. Once again, I shared the stage with family – this time it was my hubby, my youngest daughter and her hubby! As someone who tends to play the villain or the sassy sarcastic character, it was fun to play a ditzy character for a change!

The story is all about Jack, a 30 year-old who loves classic movies and still lives with his parents. His therapist – who isn’t all together sane himself! – believes that Jack wants to live a movie and suggests that he do just that. Add a wacky director, a woman that Jack thinks could be the love of his life, and his best friend – Samantha – who is done waiting around for Jack to get a clue. Lots of movie references, some great comedic moments, and the happily ever after you knew you wanted. It was a great way to end the summer and I loved spending so much time with family doing something I love.

At present, the head choir director and I are working to choose the 2020 FDSH Spring Musical. It’s never an easy job! We have to take into consideration so many variables – What are the strengths of our talent pool? How difficult is the instrumentation? Is there one set or multiple locations? Dancing? Featured roles? Vocal ranges for the various characters? It’s a chore and sometimes takes us several tries to make the final decision, but the work is always worth it when the kids bring the show to life each Spring.

I’m very excited to be preparing for the Cabaret concert with Stage Door Productions in October! It’s a great night of local talent singing songs from musical theater productions past and present. I’ve participated before and had a blast so I’m looking forward to doing so again! This time around I’m singing “Ireland” from Legally Blonde and loving it!

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