TBR for February!

As has become my custom, I am participating in a few Readthons in the month of February. Because if one Readathon is fun more than one is AWESOME, right?!

Blackathon is hosted by Bowties and Books (find their Youtube video here!). I have been very intentional in seeking out authors who aren’t exactly like me and this Readathon (plus the handy dandy booklist in the comments) has been a HUGE help.

#vaLITines is a month long readathon to celebrate the love of reading. Their info can be found on Twitter here.

Throughout the year I’ll be working through PopSugar, 52 Books in 52 Weeks, Con Sabor Reading Challenge, and Romanceopoly (those challenges can be found with a quick Google search!)

Check back weekly for updates on all the reading fun!

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