From My Bookshelf – Shadow City by Anna Mocikat (4 Stars)

There is absolutely no hint that this is the first in a series so the cliffhanger ending was a surprise. A pleasant surprise but definitely unexpected.

I loved everything about this book. Vampires, cyborgs, and humans working together to keep people safe in a world that has been torn apart by an explosive incident known as “the Glitch”. But that explosion has allowed pure evil into the world. And all the death and suffering that has followed is simply enhancing that evil. It’s an evil force that would love to wipe out humans – vampires too! – and take control of the world.

The book leaves you with sooooo many questions. Will Colton ever remember ANYTHING about his past? What exactly is the being inhabiting the body of Human Force officer? They’ve been stopped temporarily but they certainly haven’t given up. What will the Dark Ones do next?

You’ll notice I said I loved everything about this book yet I gave it a four-star rating. The ONLY thing that kept me from giving it a five star was the presence of some editing mistakes – words that were missing and sentences that were awkwardly worded. It didn’t detract from the plot but did cause my reading to slow down a few times. The awkward wording was really only an issue in that last couple of chapters; it almost read like the book had been written in a different language (I believe the author was born in Poland and lived in Germany until 2016) and then was translated into English. But PLEASE read this book – even with the language hiccups it’s a fantastic story!

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