Reading Goals for 2020

It’s no secret that I love to read. I mean I REALLY love to read. My Kindle app currently has 745 unread titles on it. (213 that I’ve already read.) Thanks to social media, I’ve discovered the fun of participating in reading challenges. Some last a few days, some a whole month, still others run for a year.

Right now, I have some year-long goals for sure. I am participating in two year long challenges that I’ve participated in before – PopSugar and 52 Books in 52 Weeks. I’ve also got some titles that are called ARCs – Advanced Reader Copies – that I am lucky enough to read and review before they are published! Granted, those tend to come with deadlines so I have to be a bit more diligent and organized when it comes to reading those. I will be participating in a year long challenge specifically to get ARCs read a reviewed. It’s called Arc Apocalypse which I find amusing. I’ll also be doing the Pageathon which is purely about counting pages and completed books! Romanceopoly is also a part of my reading plan.

There are couple of monthly challenges for January that I’ll be working on as well. One of them is called Bookish Bingo and comes from the website (which is a great place to get ARCs if you are interested!) The other is called the Backlist Bookathon and is focused on getting rid of some of those books that I’ve had on my “to be read” for a long time.

Before you worry about my sanity, let me reassure you that a number of the books on my reading list will fit numerous challenges. So I won’t have to go TOO crazy with the number of books I read.

Here’s to a literature filled 2020!