From My Bookshelf – A Storm of Glass and Stars

(This is book 4 in the series “The Oncoming Storm by Marion Blackwood)

I was already a huge fan of this series before reading book four. But I have to admit – this one surprised me! In the first three books, Blackwood did a beautiful job creating characters that I came to love but who I still didn’t know much about. We got a BIG surprise about Shade – the leader of the Assassin’s Guild – earlier in the series and book 3 revealed some things about Storm that left readers with MANY questions. And in this book, we get all sorts of new information about our favorite leading lady although we still have questions to answer when the story is over – and I’m thinking there is a book 5 coming at some point?!

When I TRULY fall in love with a series I develop this love/hate relationship with the last book because I don’t want to say goodbye to the story and the characters for good. I’m DREADING the final installment in Storm’s story. But it looks like I don’t have to say goodby quite yet!